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DIY Halibut Hammer

If there's anything I love, it's making things for spearfishing, and halibut hunting is no exception. A couple years ago a few friends of mine started going out at night looking for halibut with nothing but a spike with a flopper and handle, and were bringing in some pretty solid numbers and sizes. This was a quick inspiration for me not only to try my hand at the same, but to try making one myself.

Using a halibut hammer might be the closest you'll get to doing what people imagine you do when you say "spearfishing." Usually they think you swim around or stand above water with a Trojan spear and stab it at any wayward fish. A halibut hammer is simply a short spear with a handle in a T shape. This is amazing because it's really easy to take around while lobster diving, unlike a gun, and you can bust it out if you stumble on a halibut or other fish to bring home some extra dinner!

It's a pretty easy make, but I tried including a lot of details. To start, it is most convenient if you or a friend have a seriously bent shaft you can use. If so, skip down to the end of step one.

Most everything I already had as scraps, so building this cost me nothing in new materials. As you can see in the pictures, I made mine a double flopper, but this DIY is for a single flopper.

What you'll need:

An electric drill

3/32" cobalt drill bit for stainless

9/32 drill bit

a small amount of teak, mahogany, or other marine preferred wood, and some teak oil

2 part epoxy

3ft of spectra

steel file


spearpoint flopper for 9/32" shaft, preferably a 2" flopper