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The Kimera SideSlip is a POWERFUL new innovation needed in every spearfishing arsenal. With patent pending design, the Kimera SideSlip quickly Transforms ANY flopper shaft into an UNBREAKABLE slip tip. Make Every shot a holding Shot. Easy Installation.


No more BROKEN slip tips. No more BENT shafts. No more LOST fish. 

Included in this package:
1 Kimera Sideslip
1 Slide Ring
Prerigged with 500 lb Back Braided Spectra
2 Shaft Anchor Pins
Installation instructions

Kimera Sideslip System

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Here is the in depth set of instructions for installation:

    1. Remove old flopper. This is done most easily with a metal file, bench grinder, or cutoff disc. Remove the head of the pin on one side of the flopper. Then using pliers, grab the opposite pin head and pull it through. You can also use a small nail or punch to gently tap the old pin out. Be careful not to bend the old pin inside the shaft because then it’s hard to remove.

    2. Take the SideSlip system and put the slide ring onto the shaft, with the knotted end facing the rear of the shaft.

    3. Take the provided pins. Two are provided to accommodate different shaft pin hole sizes. Choose the pin that is slightly too large to easily push through the hole.

    4. Take the pin, and place it on one end of the hole using needle nose pliers. Hammer it gently through until it protrudes evenly on both sides of the shaft.

    5. **IMPORTANT** Take the hammer and very lightly tap the top edges of the pin to flare it out slightly. Make sure you have a hard (metal) surface beneath the shaft while flaring it. Repeat for the other side of the pin. Re-center pin if necessary.

    6. Take the sideslip and place it either on the top or on the bottom of the shaft aligning its cutouts with the pins

    7. When ready to hunt, pull the back braided spectra in between loaded bands until taught, keeping the sideslip in place.

    8. Once a fish is shot, retrieved and dispatched, push the point of the shaft back through the puncture hole. Place the flopper onto the shaft in reverse position (the front of the flopper faces the rear of the shaft). Then pull the shaft and SideSlip through to the other side of the fish.

    Additional Recommendation:

    a. Using the included or customer supplied super glue can reduce pin movement over time. Apply some liquid super glue around the pin slot from both sides, allowing it to seep through completely.

    9. Wrap a 4 inch strip of electrical tape around the shaft just in front of the muzzle toprevent the slide ring from sliding too far down the shaft.

    For further information, a video of the installation, or to contact us please visit

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